About Learning 2.0 - 23 Things

This site has been set-up as part of Mesquite ISD's Learning 2.0 - 23 Things project to encourage MISD staff to experiment and learn about the new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the context of information on the Internet today. The objectives of this program are to:

  • encourage exploration of Web 2.0 and new technologies by MISD staff
  • provide staff with new tools (that are freely available on the Internet) to better support MISD's mission: to educate all students and empower them to expand their opportunities
  • provide staff development credit for MISD staff who complete the program
  • provide MISD staff with opportunities to think about how these new technologies can be used in their schools

The Learning 2.0 - 23 Things program is based on the Learning 2.0 program that was designed by Helene Blowers, Technology Director at the Charlotte Mecklenburg County Public Library system, with the support and assitance of several staff. Helene's program was loosely based upon Stephen Abram's article, //43 Things I (or You) might want to do this year// (Information Outlook - Feb 2006) and the website 43Things.

The design of this online program was completely built on Web 2.0 technologies that are freely available on the Internet. These sites include: Blogger, Flickr, Wikispaces, YouTube, PBWorks & Google Reader.

This course is about play and possibility, exploration, discovery and experimentation, rather than "doing it right." We want participants to make connections and become inspired along the way. Please be aware that learning this way is messy, but "mistakes" often lead to new and better understanding!

Over the next several weeks, you will complete "23 Things" or learning activities designed to help you become familiar with web 2.0 tools and concepts. You will complete 2-3 things per week. Each "Thing" will introduce (or expand upon) a web 2.0 tool or concept through one or more discovery exercises, followed by one or more learning activities. The discovery exercises are "where the learning happens" and are necessary for you to be able to complete each activity successfully.

You will record your progress by posting to your own blog. Your blog will serve as your personal learning journal - a place for you to record your experiences, frustrations, ideas, discoveries, questions and reflections. It will also serve as a portfolio for your web 2.0 creations; a living artifact demonstrating your successful completion of this course. Participants will give (and receive) feedback and encouragement through each other's blogs. Don't worry! First graders can blog and you can, too!

This course offers no formal instruction. You will be your own mentor, with support from your colleagues, other participants and your Learning 2.0-23 Things facilitators. You will decide when and where to complete each week's activities, and you will be responsible for "keeping up." You are encouraged to form "buddy groups" to work through the content together -- sharing, helping and encouraging each other. Throughout this “discovery learning” experience, you will likely encounter a number of small challenges, depending on your level of Web 2.0 experience to date. Each time you teach yourself something, find a solution or accomplish a task, you will feel empowered and be that much more tech savvy!