Sites We Like - Fall 2008

Add a favorite educational website site to the list below. Include a 2-3 sentence description or idea of how you use it.

Please note subject headings (feel free to add a new heading if needed).
Please ALPHABETIZE under each subject heading as you go!

NOTE: Please EMBED your link in the site name, instead of simply pasting in the URL. This is good practice and better web formatting. (To embed your link: Highlight the text, click the link button on the toolbar, select external link, paste the URL in the address field and click OK).

English / Reading / Language Arts


  • This site provides journalism or history teachers a link to the present as well as the past it is great for showing the pst and how far newspapers have come.
  • - This site offers a multitude of free online journalism training for both educators and students could be a great training tools for the classroom.


Social Studies / History / Current Events/ World Geography

Science / Health

Arts / Music / Performance

  • Play music - It has a great link to learning about the families of the orchestra. This would be great for music teachers before taking the students to hear the Fort Worth Orchestra.
  • Carnegie Listening Adventures are great at capturing the student's attention. It has information about The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten.


  • Teachertube - Great videos with great ideas. Plus there's some funny stuff out there!
  • TiipLine - Gates' Computer Tips - This site provides computer tips as well as technology news. Very good sight for teachers because it talks about websites and applications that are good for lessons in many subject areas.
  • Atomic Learning - Resources for the Classroom. Most teachers are aware of the video tutorials available at Atomic Learning but most don't know about the vast number of Lesson Accelerators available. All their lessons can be searched by type or by subject and are aligned with the ISTE NETS-S standards.