Web 2.0 Tool "Reviews" - from Spring 09 Participants

Add your ideas for using the Web 2.0 tool you explored to support classroom learning (or other professional or personal learning) and/or productivity.



  • You could have a class calendar or even a school online calendar.
  • You could let everyone in the building know where you are and/or what meetings (ARDs) they have to be at. I LOVE IT!
  • Calender could include due dates and class syllabus.
  • To do list could be used to organize students group so each student would know what they are responsible for.

Gliffy http://www.gliffy.com

  • You could create thinking maps for the class to use.
  • Your students could create their own thinking maps showcasing what they've learned.

JigZone http://www.jigzone.com/

  • I created a puzzle, of a food chain that I created with Gliffy. The students put it together, based on the order of the producers and consumers.



  • Classroom Newsletters
  • Student Created Presentations of research conducted.
  • Teachers/Sponsors could create flyers for upcoming events like Prom, Senior Breakfast, etc.



  • Pictures from field trips, parties, experiments etc.
  • Adapt grade-appropriate texts for TLC and SC class use.



  • Tracking the events of the Civil War etc.
  • track the beginning of just about anything for example newspaper history



  • Creating your own story with a comic
  • Create projects with personal photos or with graphics that correspond to a current lesson or subject matter.
  • Great way to show students photography pieces even art work



  • Poll students on your blog to get an idea of how they feel about certain topics or their level of content understanding.
  • Having students decide on a class project.
  • Using the survey to have students complete a peer review



  • Make a class vocabulary set and use it for weekly review.
  • Fabulous study tool and how about no grading for us
  • Multiple Science TAKS reviews.
    • Metric system
    • Elements and symbols
    • FOrmulas for solving problems
    • Identifying chemical and physical changes
    • etc.



  • Replace me with your own text

Ta-da List


  • Students create a list of writing topics
  • Have a class list of things they would want to accomplish in a six weeks or for the week


  • Student can design their own cartoons demonstrating understanding of a concept
  • Teachers can design fun cartoons to help reinforce the understanding of a concept (HOW FUN)

  • Replace me with your own text



  • Replace me with your own text



  • Replace me with your own text
  • Nice way to be able to work in groups outside of class



  • use in a presentation for the new ELAR TEKS to show teacher how they are student centered
  • students copy and paste a paragraph from a composition to check for repeated words
  • create birthday posters
  • students list character traits for their assigned character
  • students describe physical attributes of an element, landform, country, etc.
  • students create with their spelling words
  • create a list of important key terms in a science passage
  • students describe their own personal feelings about a particular subject/skill
  • students introduce themselves (or a classmate after an interview) with character traits
  • teaching adjectives
  • great way to hook students on the lesson of the day

  • A great way to grab a student's attention
  • Connect information to a picture to help the students remember the info
  • Have a drawing and allow a new student each week to add the blabberize to the wiki or blog that would go with the lesson